Mixtape: En Honor a Lou (#setlistsaturdays 16)

El sábado pasado se ve tan cercano, y al mismo tiempo tan distante. Hace una semana, sin saberlo, una leyenda estaba teniendo sus últimos momentos en el mundo terrenal. A muchos jamas se nos olvidara lo duro que fue recibir la noticia del fallecimiento de Lou Reed… una mañana de domingo. Tal vez su cuerpo ya no este con nosotros, pero su música es el legado que lo hace inmortal, por eso dedicamos este #setlistsaturday  en honor a Lou.

1. Sunday Morning (The Velvet Underground Cover)- Record Club

2. Venus-Television

3. Femme Fatale (The Velvet Underground Cover)-Big Star

4. Just What I Needed-The Cars

5. Candy Says (The Velvet Underground Cover)-Blind Melon

6. Dirty Blvd.-Lou Reed

7. Atrocity Exhibition-Joy Division

8. Here She Comes (Lou Reed Cover)-Nirvana

9. More Than This-Roxy Music

10. Tranquilize (Featuring Lou Reed)-The Killers

11. The Fairest of The Seasons-Nico

12. Rock and Roll (The Velvet Underground Cover)-Jane’s Addiction

13. Just Like Honey-The Jesus and Mary Chain

14. Corre, Corre, Corre (The Velvet Underground Cover)-El Mato a un Policia Motorizado

15. In Our Sleep (Featuring Lou Reed)-Laurie Anderson

16. Roadrunner-The Modern Lovers

17. Perfect Day (Featuring David Bowie, Lou Reed, Elton John, Bono and Duran Duran) –BBC Charity

18. Wanderlust (Featuring Lou Reed)-Metric

19. Sister Ray (The Velvet Underground Cover)-Joy Division

20. Hard To Explain-The Strokes

21. Hello It’s Me-Lou Reed and John Cale

22. White Light/White Heat (The Velvet Underground Cover)-David Bowie

23. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, Pt.1-The Flaming Lips

24. All Tomorrow’s Parties (The Velvet Underground Cover)-Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

25. Gloria-Patti Smith

26. The View-Lou Reed and Metallica

27. Sweet Jane (The Velvet Underground Cover)-Cowboy Junkies

28. Sympathy For The Devil-The Rolling Stones

29. Pale Blue Eyes (The Velvet Underground Cover)-R.E.M. 

30. Some Kind of Nature (Featuring Lou Reed)-Gorillaz

31. Sad Song-Lou Reed

32. The Passenger-Iggy Pop

33. The Bronx (Featuring Lou Reed)-Booker T Jones

34. I’m Waiting For The Man-The Velvet Underground

35. Satellite of Love (Lou Reed Cover)-U2

36. All Along The Watchtower-Bob Dylan

37. Vicious-Lou Reed

38. “Heroes”-David Bowie

39. Walk On The Wild Side-Lou Reed

40. Heroin-The Velvet Underground

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